How to Play


Get ready to mix it up this summer! We love visiting events throughout the summer with our Summer Fun Tour, but this year we’re keeping things a little closer to home. Your home actually!

In honor of the 10th anniversary of our tour, we’re hosting a mixology competition so everyone can participate safely. Get ready for bi-weekly challenges and awesome prizes from our sponsors.

Do you have what it takes to earn the title, Mixology Master? Learn how to play below.

Step 1:

read the challenge rules

Every two weeks, starting Tuesday, June 15th, a new challenge is revealed. Each challenge has a specific set of criteria that all cocktail submissions must meet! This may include using specific products or ingredients, NOT using certain ingredients, or following some kind of outlined theme.

Step 2:

invent a cocktail

Once you know the challenge rules, get those creative juices flowing…literally! Start experimenting with cocktails that meet the challenge requirements until you find that perfect cocktail to submit for approval! Remember, your cocktail will be judged on appearance, creativity, and of course, taste!

Step 3:

show that thing off!

Your perfect cocktail needs to be flaunted! Record a video of yourself making the cocktail, and take some snappy photos of it once it’s done! Upload the video and picture here, along with a description of the ingredients and steps to make it.

Step 4:

vote vote vote

Always make sure you check out what everyone has submitted and vote on your favorite! You don’t have to submit a cocktail in order to be able to vote! Just voting automatically enters you to win a $250 Gift card and many other great prizes!


now that you Know how to play, you need to Know what you can win!
AUGUST 10 - 22

Kim Crawford ChallenGe

Current ChallenGe!

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Sponsored by Kim Crawford Wines. Grab any Kim Crawford wine, at least one other ingredient, and your camera. There are some great prizes for the winner of this challenge!

Current ChallenGe!

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First Place: Constellation California Wine Country Adventure!

$5,000 value

Second Place: $500 NH Liquor & Wine Outlet Gift Card

$500 value

Third Place: $250 NH Liquor & Wine Outlet Gift Card

$250 value
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